Need retaining walls?

Geopile® offers you two types of retaining walls.

Whether it’s temporary or permanent, the construction of your Geopile® retaining wall provides optimum protection in securing the perimeter of your work area against rock or soil slides during construction work, excavation work or foundation subsidence. Call us today to explore your options for sheet piling or caissons.

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Sheet piling

Made of steel, Geopile® sheet pilings are profiled and used to consolidate shorelines, headwalls and cut-off walls as well as to hold back the sides of the trench to prevent soil slippage. Very quick to install, they can be used in areas where row houses are fragile, as well as on large-perimeter constructions sites. Once our experts at Geopile® have installed your sheet pilings, they will remain stable and fail-safe.


Geopile® caisson walls are usually constructed to be very flex-resistant. They provide vertical protection, installed to offer lateral support in unstable soil, even along the water’s edge, or to secure a perimeter at risk of subsidence during your excavation or decontamination work. They can also be incorporated into your building, when an extension requires excavations below an existing building or during the construction of an underground parking garage. Choose caissons - they will guarantee permanent stability.