Need helical piles?

GEOPILE® is the first helical pier company in Canada.

Geopile® deep helical piers are prefabricated and made of galvanized or epoxy-coated steel that is highly resistant to corrosion. They will stabilize the foundations of your building or any other structure. Whether it’s new construction or a foundation repair, Geopile® will adapt the size and the design of its helical pilings to your project and your soil type.

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Geopile® helical piers: an effective alternative, and advantageous for a multitude of challenges.

  • Excavation is prohibited
  • Ground is unstable
  • In the case of remedial underpinning (cracked or crumbling foundations)
  • Work schedule is restricted due to time or weather
  • Soil is contaminated
  • Soil has low load-bearing capacity
  • Access to the work site is limited
  • Other environmental constraints are present